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Welcome to the Movie Hole, the weekly podcast where the geniuses from Caddyshack Minute bring you more movies-by-sort-of-minutes fun with A Christmas Story, and now: The Blues Brothers!


The Movie Hole was born of the festering leftovers of the Caddyshack Minute, which devoted each episode to one minute of Caddyshack, and to whatever happened to come into our minds. Those episodes are still here for you to enjoy forever, and on the Movie Hole we will take on a new movie every month or so? We haven't quite nailed that down yet. Here are the people to complain to.


Tom Taylor is a writer, editor, and part-time podcaster. Is there another kind? The first, second, or third pair of breasts he ever saw in a movie were Lacey’s in Caddyshack. He wrote a book you might enjoy called In Memory of Todd Woods. In addition to The Movie Hole he is also the cohost of ABCDEVO and the Indiana Jones Minute podcast. You’ll never guess what they do over there.



Michael Di Maria works for a foundation liaising with international leaders, government and non-government entities, and other key stakeholders in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East . . . in other words doing good for the sake of mankind. His humor is rooted in a lifetime of anxiety and frustration stemming from trying to save us all from ourselves!  He also plays drums in Model N, a Chicago band that you will no doubt enjoy . . . or else!!!



Dan Lewis, being unhappy as a systems analyst, performs stand-up on the side, mainly to complete silence. Wait, he’s funny on this, though! He also writes and performs sketch comedy as a member of Naptime. He’s always been uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person because, I don’t know, it bothers me.